Salad Selection Give life to your salads!

seleccion ensaladas-portadaEl Nogal introduce two extraordinary and tasty combinations of nuts dried naturally in order to enhance and cheer up your salads in a healthy and nutritious way.

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Vera Figs A healthy and truly Mediterranean candy

Higos nacional-portadaBesides of its nutritious qualities, energetic value and its vitamins, the figs also have therapeutic attributes and help to reduce cholesterol and insomnia.

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California Walnuts Delicious, Nutritious and Cardio Healthy

Nueces-de-california-portadaWalnuts are great providers of energy and vitamins, and they will help you to get over your stress, fatigue and comedowns of the day, with joy and vitality.

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Our recipes

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With so many dried fruits and nuts, there are many delicious recipes to prepare, both sweet and savoury. We will show you some simple and tasty recipes for all the family. You will enhance your diet and your beloved one's with homemade cooking, nutritious and easy to make!

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Meet "El Nogal"

In El Nogal we face the challenge of satisfying the consumers with excitement and effort, so from our beginning we produce and package the best selection of nuts and dried fruits for you, with dedication and big doses of love.

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