Cranberries are an extraordinary fruit that brings enormous benefits to health thanks to its nutritive properties.

Food that shouldn't be missing in our diet!

100% Natural

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100% Natural Nuts, have been selected with care "as they come into the world". They are a healthy and delicious snack, ideal for eating between meals.

Enjoy the experience and recharge the batteries for the whole day!


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Nuts Selection for pastry-making, especially designed to enrich, decorate and love your recipes, you will give an amazing touch to your desserts.

Salad Selection

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Salad Selection Gourmet, a amazing combination of natural nuts, carefully selected for their extraordinary taste and to add flavour to your dishes in a healthy and nutritious way.


California Nuts


The most famous nuts come from California to El Nogal so you can enjoy their fantastic flavour.

Natural, delicious and healthy, nuts combine with everything! salads, stews, desserts, baked goods or alone... they are amazing. Don't miss them!!

Naturally Dried Figs


Dare to try to the delicate El Nogal Figs and sweeten your life naturally. You can make juicy desserts recipes or take them alone. Don't get stuck without them!!

Malaga Raisins


Sweet and delicate, El Nogal raisins from Málaga land, sun dried naturally and harvesting with love, bring us an extraordinary and unmistakable flavour.

Enjoy raisins in your plates, desserts or alone.

Vera Figs


The real Vera Figs, harvesting and selected with love, are already in the supermarket!! Lady Neck variety, are extremely delicious and with a soft texture...

A very Mediterranean dessert and a pleasure for the senses!!

Huge Sunflower seed


The snack revolution is here with the new huge sunflower seeds El Nogal, delicious, with the amount of salt you like, and really huuuuuuge!!!

So fun and delicious you can't stop eating them!