Dried Figs

A healthy and very Mediterranean candy


Dried figs are a fantastic source of calcium and benzaldehyde, a powerful anticarcinogenic, and have antioxidants and nutrients rich in iron, potassium and beta-carotene, very beneficial for skin health. Dried figs have great energetic power and its high contents of fibre make this fruit a good digestive medicine. They reduce cholesterol and help to fight insomnia.

Besides of its nutritional and energetic qualities and vitamins, figs have also medical properties: possess anticancer and antitumor effects and are much recommended for diabetes treatments, respiratory disease and cutaneous illness.

The perfect dessert which you can take as a snack between meals too.


Packaging Weight
Bag   200 g|250 g|500 g|1 kg
Wrapper   250 g
Tray   500 g
  • Neck of Lady
  • Turkish

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