Delicious, nutritious and Cardio Healthy


Walnuts are a wonderful foodstuff which provides huge benefits to health. They are sources of vitamin B6, folic acid, minerals as phosphorus, magnesium and copper, Walnuts are natural antioxidant and rich in proteins and omega3. A combination of qualities concentrated in a tasty nut and a very versatile one, which also has the capacity to reduce the cholesterol helping to prevent cardiopathies. Walnuts are great energy and vitamin providers, they will help you to get over stress, fatigue and comedowns of the day with joy and vitality. Take a handful a day and add health to your organism.


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Bag   125 g|250 g|500 g|650 g|750 g|1 kg
Aluminium Bag   100 g
B.T. Thermo-sealed Bag   120 g
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